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The fall of humanity?

Posted on 18 September 2004 by D' MacKinnon

We live in very interesting times.
More and more, people are becoming interconnected. Through media, technology..we are all connected more than ever before.
Have we lost primal nature of humanity? I submit that eventually we will have a total loss of identity..slowly technology is contaminating all of us with each other’s thoughts, opinions and personalities until individualism will no longer exist. Think about how we have become technological beings…we communicate incessantly via telephones, cellphones, the internet. We stare for hours at images generated on a computer screen or a television, sitting in our little houses transfixed by these images, spending more and more of our time viewing a two-dimensional reality. Think about how easily the population’s way of thinking and understanding of right and wrong can be manipulated by consistant exposure to subtle messages in media. People will simply do things because that is what the television insists we do. Buy this product. Hate this enemy. Elect this leader. Control of the media ensures control of the population. The mind is egregiously reshaped by these images it views over and over.
Our sensitivities have been numbed.

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THX 1138

Posted on 11 September 2004 by D' MacKinnon

Fucking brilliant.

I watched the one night only showing of THX 1138 at the movie theater tonight. God i love that film. Such an excellent social commentary on where our society could head.
The senseless consumerism, the over-medication to solve problems…I could go on for hours.
Oh yeah, I also felt obligated to go see it because I sampled this movie for a song about 3 months ago, heh.
Too bad that was George Lucas’ first and last serious film.

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