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Free Music

Posted on November 11, 2004 by D' MacKinnon

A friend of mine wrote about his problems with labels releasing music for free, that people will lose respect for the music if it’s free.
I respect what’s good.
But I agree that music not getting paid for lowers the overall quality of music available to people.
Hence major labels trying to churn out one-hit wonders instead of nurturing an artist to have a career. One-hit wonders make for a quick profit but it’s hurting the industry in the long run.
If you look at the sales of albums today, the largest amount of music sold comes from the early 70’s…does that mean that music has peaked since then? Not necessarily. I definitely think there are excellent genres and artists who have spawned since then but the industry itself has changed and unknowingly created an atmosphere where people think of today’s artist’s as any other commodity. Use it for awhile, and then throw it away when the next fresh thing comes out.
If the music industry wants their sales to get back up, they need to stop looking at the quarterly bottom line and focus on the long-term…creating artists with staying power. Invest a little bit, let the artist hit their stride…it may take a few albums. Shit, David Bowie spent 10 years making records that were failures and he was dirt poor, now he’s the most successful musician of all time.
Unfortunately, the record labels are run by CEOs who on the most part could give two shits and is there to make the company profitable for few years and then jump to the next corporation.

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