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VST synth goodies

Posted on January 06, 2005 by D' MacKinnon

I’ve found some new VST instruments I want to get. I just found Arturia‘s VST versions of the ARP 2600 and the Moog Modular
While I see soft synths are getting better and more expressive, I still love my old hardware synths. One of my mainstays has quirks to it that are probably caused by the time I spilled beer on the circuit board.
Software synths are better for people on a budget but you have to have a computer powerful enough to run all the little synths and also do your recording and sequencing. You could also go the route of running one computer just for synths and slaving it to your sequencing PC.
I use the occasional software synth here and there but right now my studio’s machine doesn’t like running a bunch of synths on top of 30 or 40 audio tracks…maybe it’s time to upgrade.

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