1:05 AM

Posted on March 11, 2005 by D' MacKinnon

Just got home.
Went out to Netherworld and met up with Eddie and his newly found bass player. I’m going to be producing and programming drums for his new rockabilly/punk/industrialish band. For those of you not from Denver, Eddie Suicide was previously a bass player in the short-lived Divine Reich and roadie/guitar tech for me in Deviant. I slated them some studio time next Saturday, should be interesting as it’s definately a new genre for me to work in. I’ve never recording a stand-up bass before so we’ll see how that works out.
Next, Jolene and I went to Wave. Music was good, Cari and Suzanne looked fucking amazing tonight, I wish I had brought my camera. Kristian was supposed to meet up with me but the bastard still hadn’t shown up by midnight so I grew impatient and left.

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