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Posted on March 07, 2005 by D' MacKinnon

Time can do wonderful things.
I’ve noticed that since I quit drinking I’ve spent more time reflecting on my life, what I’ve done and what I’m spending my time doing now. I’ve been spending more and more time contemplating what is important in my life. On the downside, sometimes I think too much about depressing topics such as existing as a sentient being and whether or not it’s a blessing or a curse (more on that subject another time).
One thing that is changing in my life, I’m pleased to announce. I’m getting married on June 25th. Yes, getting married. Soon invitations with fly out, outfits will be fitted, RSVPs, dinner arrangements and all the complications of a ritual that has existed for so long. I will no longer be an outside to this mysterious “married club” that some of my friends already belong to. June is very close, just about 3.5 months from now, so I’m sure my experience will be even more chaotic than usual.
Nothing is changing really, at least in my perception. I’ve known my fiancĂ© for eight years now and have been committed to her for most of that time. The only thing that’s changing is maybe I’m growing up just a bit and realizing what is important to me as an adult.

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