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Deviant rehearsal, take one.

Posted on May 18, 2005 by D' MacKinnon

While we’ve been working independently on new material for the next album, Deviant had our first “unofficial” rehearsal last night. Unofficial because London wasn’t there. The first “official” one is next week, where we’ll brush off some classic material and work on new songs.
It was interesting, I’ve never been one for “jamming” per se but I had a good time and we got some ideas demoed. I’ll take what we came up with and flesh out the ideas some more with some drums and synths.
It was a bit of a different experience for me, in the past I’ve always come up with the music first and then we just started practicing them at rehearsals once they were fully fleshed out and recorded. That was the case with the 2002-2003 Deviant material and the Divine Reich album I recorded last year.
For Absenta the majority of the music was recorded before Daisho had joined the band. It was just London and I hanging out together at my old apartment on Capital Hill, drinking absinthe, and coming up with ideas. This time he’s getting involved more creatively and we’re coming up with things together. Since we live at the same place it’s easy for me to work up a drum beat and then shoot it over the file server for him to playback up in his room and work on ideas for basslines, progressions, etc.
All in all, I think the creative floodgates have finally opened on all fronts.

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