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Random remembrance of obsession

Posted on July 26, 2005 by D' MacKinnon

Can you believe it?
There was a time when I was obssessed with Rebecca Romijn…actually it was June of last year. I had recently watched the De Palma film, Femme Fatale. At the time was very obsessed with film noir, neo-noir and anything relating to it. Now mind you, I’ve never really had a thing for the now ex-Mrs. Stamos. Blonde model types were never really my thing. But for a few days in a row I kept having weird dreams about me as some sort of scientist in the future. I had worked on building the perfect android woman to be my companion, who for some reason, ended up looking like Rebecca Romijn. In my dreams, I had built this android and she was real in everyway. I was in love with her but the feeling of love was beyond her understanding, it was something this android could never experience. She could talk and walk like a regular person but never have real feelings. This creation of mine had ambition built into it’s programming and left to make her way in the world and to be adored by others for she felt nothing for her creator or anyone else.
For some reason this dream always made me feel sad. It gave me inspiration to write a futuristic song about obsession. I came up with the music for it and revealed my idea to Kristian, who thought it would fit perfectly with his own tale of obsession. This was the basis behind the Divine Reich song “Hardkore”.

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