The dead girl fetish

Posted on October 06, 2005 by D' MacKinnon

Ana Voog discusses in her journal the rise of death fetishism in fashion magazines and art. More specifically, imagery of deceased females used in advertising.

Now images of dead girls are being used to sell the latest must-have handbags, makeup, and shoes.

Does the appeal of this imagery stem from some society embedded subconcious need that women feel they must be victimized in order to be desirable? That the inanimate girl is unthreatening therefore more attractive?

From her entry:

women have been so subjected to violence both real and propaganda, we have been objectified to the point of unreality or hyperreality.
that we just don’t really exist anymore.
we have been killed by the media (and in real life…but both are real..who can really tell anymore?) so much now that we are now dying by the media, as well.
we, as symbols, as symbollically dying…and still selling products while doing it!

Ana’s journal entry.

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  1. Christina Field Says:

    This is shocking and also appalling.

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