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Science and Religion

Posted on November 07, 2005 by D' MacKinnon

The Fundamentalist Christians in this country don’t realize that science and religion do not have to oppose each other. It’s my belief that science explains how we came to be and religion covers the questions of “why” we are here. They need to stop reading so literally into the text. The Vatican believes that the theory of evolution is perfectly compatible with the story of Genesis so why can’t the Fundamentalists running the Kansas dept. of education accept this? They’d rather keep their heads in the sand and let their students graduate without good background in modern science. I believe that the arguments for Intelligent Design actually do more harm to the future of Christianity than it does good.
Another thing I find amusing, evangelicals are willing to believe Jesus performed miracles, which sounds a lot like magic, while they keep their kids from reading Harry Potter because they believe magic is “Satanic”.

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