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All the pretty pictures

Posted on 28 January 2006 by D' MacKinnon

I’m seriously thinking about getting back into photography, at least intermittantly. I don’t really have much time to dedicate to it but I might get some new equipment so when I have ideas I can execute them without having to borrow. I was heavily into photography about 10 years ago but I gave my old film SLR to my brother and haven’t really been able to do much since. Most likely the work I’m going to do will just be another outlet for self-expression, I don’t plan on doing model work unless it fits into the theme I’m working on or relates to artwork for a music project.

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The Process pt. 1

Posted on 26 January 2006 by D' MacKinnon

Hey everyone,
As work on the new Deviant album has been progressing, I started keeping a journal as a record of the whole creative process. I’ve decided to share these entries with you and I have backposted the last four entries from my journal onto this blog and will continue to post new ones as they come.
I hope you enjoy this little insight into “the process”.
12 . 27 . 05
Came up with some background drones for the beginning of the “intro” song. The song has been in my head since about July but I’ve been slowly piecing it together for the past few months. The main idea for the song has been controlled chaos. A slow building that evolves into explosiveness.
12 . 29 . 05
After practice, London, Jolene and I enjoyed a night of absinthe. The creativity was abundant and we laid down some scratch vocal ideas for the song currentlly known as “What Keeps Me Here” and lyrics by London flowed on the spot. Now I just need to finish the second half of the music for the song.
01 . 16 . 06
Feeling stuck. I know need to take it but I just can’t finish it.
P.S. Dublin is being extremely cute.
01 . 24 . 06
Laid down some more guitar tracks for a song I started on January 18th. With any luck this one will be completed by this weekend’s rehearsal. Now I just need to tidy up those pesky drum tracks.

More to come soon.

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