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Beers and beats

Posted on March 14, 2006 by D' MacKinnon

I had a good studio session tonight with Mad Wax tonight. We had some initial MIDI-hell, Reason keep crashing inside of Logic and causing all kinds of problems that forced hard reboots but eventually things got sorted and we were on our way. Things meshed well, his rhythmic ideas and my synth lines intermingling. Worked on our song from a few weeks ago for a bit and then came up with the basis for two more tracks. Not really sure how to categorize what we’re doing yet other than it’s a going to be a good mix of dancable tracks and downtempo listening material. We should have the songs for an EP done in no time, then it’ll just require final mixing and mastering. At this rate this electronic music project may come out on a release sooner than the Deviant material.

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