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Bauhaus and NIN

Posted on 31 May 2006 by D' MacKinnon

Last night was amazing.
Jolene and I went to see Bauhaus and Nine Inch Nails at Red Rocks. The last time I saw Bauhaus was on their resurrection tour back in 1998 so it was good to see them. For me, the 1998 show had more audience energy and I thought the band’s performance was better but last night was good in it’s own right. Daniel came up into the crowd by where we were standing with his guitar and Jolene gave him a kiss on the cheek.
Last night was the 5th time I’ve seen Nine Inch Nails and it was probably the best show by them that I’ve seen since the first time I saw them on the Downward Spiral tour when Jim Rose Circus and Marilyn Manson opened for them. The time before this they played in Denver the night the With Teeth album was released and not many people in the audience knew the new songs and it sounded like the band was still working out some kinks. Last night they were in top form, the sound was great and the band was tight. They played a good mix of material off of all the albums and Trent’s voice was right on all night. I was actually so moved during “Hurt” that I got a little teary-eyed and I don’t think that has ever happened to me at a show before. Maybe it was just the right combination of the music and the atmosphere.
In any case, I’ll be standing in line to get tickets the next time they come through town.

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Deviant on radio tonight

Posted on 19 May 2006 by D' MacKinnon

Deviant will be on Radio 1190’s Remission show tonight, Friday May 19 (for those of you in the Denver-metro area). They also do a simultaneous netcast of the program which is available at
We’ll be on between 9-11PM MST along with Born in Winter and the December Question.
Tune in for a sneak peak of material off the new album.

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2006 Westword Music Showcase

Posted on 11 May 2006 by Kheperi Global Media

D’s band Deviant has been nominated to play at the 2006 Westword Music Showcase!

For those of you not familiar with the Westword, it’s THE source for music, arts, and film reviews and shows in Colorado so this is a big event.

Please take some time to vote here: for Deviant under the “Gothic/Industrial” category. You can also vote via paper ballots by picking up a copy of the Westword.

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This week

Posted on 08 May 2006 by D' MacKinnon

This week is going to be very busy for me. Working my ass off to finish some projects before I leave for Utah. Gotta take my dog to my dad’s house to dogsit. Two practices this week, picking up the van, meeting with people all day wednesday.
Why can’t I just clone myself like that Michael Keaton movie?
Getting a little nervous about this weekend, we’re playing for a bunch of record labels. Some small and some big.
For those of you in Utah we’ll be playing at Ciseros in Park City on Saturday May 13th at 6:40 PM. It will be a short set (about 10 minutes) but if you decide to come there will be a lot of bands playing (as well as the chance to have a beer with me). Contact me if you are interested in a ticket, we’ll be in Park City on Friday so you can get one from us then or before the show sometime on Saturday.

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