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Rode Microphones

Posted on 23 June 2006 by D' MacKinnon

I usually don’t do product endorsement but I have to take a moment to give respect to Rode microphones. I’ve owned one of their microphones for a few years and lately it’s been starting to act up and making odd noises during recording sessions. I called up their customer service line and they had me send it in for repair, free of charge. They received it on Friday and I got it back on Wednesday. That’s pretty rare for a music equipment manufacturer, most of the larger companies I’ve dealt with in the past charge you for repairs and take several weeks. So thanks Rode for fixing my mic.
I also just noticed that they now share a website with Event Electronics, I wonder if they just merged?

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Everything green turns to gold

Posted on 20 June 2006 by D' MacKinnon

More absinthe inspiration tonight. It started with a drumbeat that I noodled with for awhile. Grabbed myself a glass or few of absinthe and hammered out a sexy bassline to accompany it.
Most definitely the beginning of a good song, I can feel a vibe off of it that gives me shivers. Think Portishead.

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Westword interview

Posted on 17 June 2006 by D' MacKinnon

I was recently interviewed for an article about the Westword Music Showcase nomination for Deviant. You can read it here.

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