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Tyranny and Oppression

Posted on 24 October 2006 by D' MacKinnon

Your government uses fear against you. Vote for change on November 7th.

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Undiscovered treasures

Posted on 23 October 2006 by D' MacKinnon

Last night [K] and I worked on a reinvisioning of a song I song I originally wrote in 2004, now known as “Last Man on Earth”. I’ll probably rerecord the guitar tracks but I haven’t decided if I want to redo the drum and synth parts. My drum programming has grown since I originally wrote the song but the original drums for this piece seem to fit well with the rest of the layers.
The album is nearly halfway done, the writing has been moving pretty quickly. As the album gets closer to being complete we’ll probably whittle off a few tracks to keep only the strongest and then work on the album art. As soon as our bass player signs his contracts we’re going to have a nice little initation for him that we’re going to tape for his future torment.
My other music projects have slowed, I still want to complete them but I’ve been focused on “the new band” and the record label so I haven’t had much time. Pending some legal issues we may be signing an artist within the next couple of weeks and putting that album out shortly afterward. Right now it’s in the hands of the lawyers…

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Posted on 15 October 2006 by D' MacKinnon

I went to the Denver Art Museum today to see the newly opened expansion and in particular, the Radar collection. Very inspiring work, I have to say they are the most interesting and provocative pieces I’ve seen on display in Denver, ever. My favorite pieces were the works by Damien Hirst and the “Adoration of the Magi” by Gottfried Helnwein.
I recommend checking it out the exhibit if you can, it will be in Denver for roughly the next year.

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z44 003

Drive and Mix

Posted on 13 October 2006 by D' MacKinnon

The new Twingo from Renault has a bevy of electronic goodies. Three iPod docks, a dashboard mixer, USB ports, Bluetooth and earphones built into the seats.

Between this and the new VW it looks like there’s a growing trend of music making in cars.

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She Got You Tied With A Golden Rope

Posted on 12 October 2006 by D' MacKinnon

I’ve been rather quiet about what I’ve been working on musically lately. It’s not that I haven’t been busy, it’s that I’ve been too busy trying to do a lot of things and it’s been exhausting me to the point where I don’t really feel much like posting about it.
Things on the record label front have been busy; we’re working on preparations for our first round of real releases and also listening to material by artists we might sign after the first round. We have some events planned that I can’t talk about just yet.
As far as my own music, just tonight I worked on some drum tracks for a new song. I’ve been liking my Fuzz pedal lately and I incorporated it for what will be the chorus for this song which [K] refers to as Provocateur I’m trying not to talk about the tracks on this project too much as I want this to be a surprise when it comes out. While my style is in there, the material is a 180 from work I did with Deviant. You’ll hear what I’m talking about when the first single drops.
There are some other big changes coming up with the label within the next six months (not involving signings or releases). You’ll hear more as the time approaches.

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