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Anarchy: Idyllic Yet Unrealistic

Posted on 30 November 2006 by D' MacKinnon

Anarchy, a society where there are no rulers. Order is maintained by agreements between tribes and men but no government rules. A lot of people mistake chaos for anarchy but they are separate ideas. Chaos is disorder, anarchy is order by self-regulation. Anarchy as a political system means no wars, no oppression, no classism. Without a rulers and capitalism, man cannot pay man to do his killing for him.
While the dream of anarchy as a political system seems peachy, we’ll never see it happen. The problem with anarchy and other political structures such as socialism is that humans are inherently weak creatures. They need people to tell them what to do, they need rulers. If we were to overthrow our current government today and replace it with an anarchistic system we’d eventually evolve back into an organized government. It may take one hundred years, it make take ten but it will happen. People don’t want to deal with the pressure of not having that security blanket. They want someone to play that paternal figure, corrupt or not. Human beings for the most part are unintelligent and without original thought. Do you think the average person knows how to hunt for their own food, how to make their own clothes? The circle of capitalism and government rule will always come back into existence because the general public is too apathetic.
Anarchy is a beautiful dream but wholly unrealistic. Do I suggest giving up and accepting the ruling class? No! Revolution, even on a small scale is still a worthwhile pursuit. Think for yourself, be yourself, educate yourself. The chains of ignorance are the true bonds of slavery, intellect will set you free.

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new music

Posted on 29 November 2006 by D' MacKinnon

I love discovering new bands by accident. I was going through a stack of CDs while trying to organize my music collection and I came across a compilation disc put out by Geffen Records in 2001. It looks like Rob Zombie did the artwork for it but other than that I have no idea how this disc came into my possession. Some of the bands on it I’ve heard before but some were new to me and I dug, the half the bands on it are either crappy now or no longer together.
Hurray for hidden treasures!
In other news, I spent some time today researching some recording studios for some drum tracking. Royal Dead are about ready to go in and record their full length.

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Bill and Ted have seen the future

Posted on 13 November 2006 by D' MacKinnon

Finally we’ll be able to rock out like the Wyld Stallions.

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Get out there

Posted on 07 November 2006 by D' MacKinnon

Today is the day. If you haven’t yet, go vote!

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