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First step into a larger world

Posted on June 26, 2007 by D' MacKinnon

The limited edition Arcadia CD single is officially out. Finally people will get to hear what I’ve been up to with Divine Reich! It’s a promotional release limited to 100 copies so only industry people and individuals closely affiliated with the project will get physical copies. We’ll be posting these tracks onto MySpace shortly.

(yes I blurred out the boobies)
1. Arcadia (censored)
2. Arcadia (album version)
3. Hardkore
4. Arcadia (The Jacqueline Susann Remix by Gruppe 909)
5. Electric Chair
Number 5 is a cover of a Prince song by the same name and won’t be featured on the full length album.
Special thanks to Lex and Mad Wax (Gruppe 909) for doing the remix for us.

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