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Chemical Brothers live gear

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Chemical Brothers live gear

Posted on 18 August 2008 by D' MacKinnon

Here are some shots of the Chemical Brothers’ live rig. Some of it is pretty battered. Personally I wouldn’t mind owning a pair of those Akai S6000’s. The Jupiter 6 is always nice too.

Click for large versions.
chemical brothers live gear 2
chemical brothers live gear 1

Some choice items in that rig.

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Touring Tips

Posted on 16 August 2008 by D' MacKinnon

You don’t have to take my word for it how important touring is to get those CD sales, Martin Atkins has a new blog post discussing the importance of touring, how it benefits you and also some ways to make the best of your touring funds (aka, gas money!).
Read more at the link below

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