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Influences of Dr. Dre

Posted on September 07, 2008 by D' MacKinnon

I’ve been listening to some old tunes today…what else to do on a rainy day..and came across some songs that were definitely inspiration for Dr. Dre when he produced his album “2001”.

Check these out. I already knew about Backstrokin being the inspiration for “Let’s Get High” but these others surprised me. Some obscure vinyl digging going on.

Parce Que Tu Crois sounds like “What’s the Difference”

The Edge sounds like “The Next Episode”

Go 2:21 into Maybe Tomorrow and you’ll hear “Still D.R.E.”

And of course, the bassline from Backstrokin

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  1. spaceman Says:

    He must have a pretty extensive record collection. This is nuts!

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