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Wonderful world of windows

Posted on October 05, 2008 by D' MacKinnon

So, my music production PC died awhile back. The motherboard ended up frying so I ended up replacing that and the processor.
Now I present the innards of the new music production computer I’ve just finished putting together:

So far I’ve been able to rebuild my system without re-installing Windows XP. Most people recommend reinstalling Windows after swapping out motherboards but I made a point to purchase a mobo with a chipset of the same brand as my old one. So far everything has been working out except anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour in of using it I was getting a BSOD. I thought maybe my system was running hot so I cranked up the fans. Didn’t help. I thought maybe the RAM memory timings needed to be adjusted. Nope, that wasn’t it. I went through and cleaned up the registry, still didn’t help.
I ended up narrowing it down to the driver for my Akai midi drum pad that I use to write drum tracks with. Motherfucker.
Looks like the Akai pads in general have problems with Pentium Duo’s in XP and Vista. Since I was running with an AMD processor in my computer until now I never had any issues. From reading around, this problem has been known and people aren’t counting on Akai to write new drivers. Great.
So heads up to my fellow musicians out there. Don’t buy Akai MPD pads if you use Intel processors on Windows.

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