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Revolution or Terrorism

Posted on 03 December 2008 by D' MacKinnon

In this age of the “War on Terror” we must not confuse revolution with terrorism. Who decides which person iis a freedom fighter and which is a terrorist? Terrorism is a method, a tactic. Surely the British Empire saw the revolutionaries of the USA as unlawful, treasonous terrorists. We as a society must be careful not to lump all of struggles for independence, revolutions and extremists into the generalized bucket of Terrorism. There is no black and white, no truly good or evil. What’s the better cause to fight for? The preservation of economic wealth or the protection of one’s family and civil liberties against the injustice of a totalitarian regime?
I’m in no shape or form advocating support for a particular cause, nation or movement with this post. I’m merely suggesting we should examine the details of a struggle before making blanket generalizations.

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