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Inauguration Day

Posted on January 20, 2009 by D' MacKinnon

Today was amazing. I think most everyone I saw today in the City were in a good mood. We all stopped working around 11:30 to watch the inauguration in various conference rooms throughout the building. I noticed some people were toasting champagne in the cafeteria. I looked outside the window at noon and the streets of New York were completely empty in the middle of the day. Everyone was either inside watching tv somewhere or packed into Times Square like New Year’s Eve minus the booze.
I think today will be a day long remembered. I even feel a bit of pity for Bush. While I hate his policies I’m sure it must have been rough sitting through that speech which discussed the failure and partisan bickering that has dominated Washington. Change has already started…the change is within each of us. There’s a new feeling of hopefullness about the future even though things are bad at the present. I think this renewed feeling of optimizism will translate into more people working together to get things done instead of only worrying about themselves.

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