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New Year’s Eve!

Posted on January 03, 2009 by D' MacKinnon

New Year’s Eve was a blast…I had family in town so my dad offered to babysit while Jo and had a night out. We went to a party at a friend of a friend’s in Astoria and dragged my brother along.

Our hostess did a damn fine job of catering the event I have to say, those truffles were amazing.
I forget how my drinking skills have weakened over the past year. Yes, I still go out but not nearly as much as I did pre-baby. Also, since I mostly go out with work colleagues here instead of close friends I tend to not drink as much I did in the past. What transpired on New Year’s Eve was a funny tragic event which I’m sure would be a lot more embarrassing for me if I could actually remember most of the latter portion of the evening.
Apparently, in between puking in the bushes, slipping on wet floors and wandering off in freezing cold weather I convinced myself that there was some worldwide conspiracy against me and my brother and Jo were at the heart of it. Or so they told me the next day as I was doubled-over in front of the porcelain god.
Damn you Goslings Rum for being so enticing.
See, when you don’t drink hardcore anymore you forget how bad the hangovers can be. You also forget even though one can drink like a sailor on shore leave, dealing with crap-filled diapers while trying to keep down a glass of water isn’t much fun. I’m just glad we had grandpa over to watch over the kid while we recovered.
I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions but I do think I’m going to refocus on a few areas of my life and start fresh on some things. I’m going to get back into working out for one. I’m also going to focus more on learning new things. I’ve had the burning motivation to write new music lately which has spurred me into setting the studio back up. It was dead for awhile since I could no longer get Logic running on the new studio workstation I built but I’ve been slowly adjusting to using Nuendo (Cubase’s more elaborate brother). Previously I only had cursory knowledge of Nuendo, enough to bounce out tracks recorded at other studios to import into Logic. Now I’m full on making the switch to it as my primary DAW.
Anyway, enough jibber-jabber. It’s past 2am and I have a shit ton to do this weekend.

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