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LinnDrum II, coming never

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LinnDrum II, coming never

Posted on 13 July 2009 by D' MacKinnon

LinnDrum II

Looks like yet another setback for the much anticipated LinnDrum II drum machine.
In an update on his blog, Roger Linn gave an update on the current status of the joint project with Dave Smith:
We’re still hard at work but regrettably won’t be able to meet our earlier estimate of a 3rd-quarter 2009 ship date. The recent changes in the economy have caused us to rethink our design, which had become too expensive. One problem is that Dave’s customers and my customers had different views of what the product should be, so we had been working on a more elaborate design that we thought would please them both. Then the economy tanked. Oops. The other issue is that Dave and his team have been having such success with their analog synths that they’ve been spreading themselves pretty thin trying to work on both projects.
So given these circumstances, we’d prefer not to state another release date estimate at this time, but when we do we promise to post it here along with any other information we’re able to release. Also, given that Dave and his team have their hands pretty full and that a beat-oriented product is more of a Roger product anyway, we’ll probably be selling it through Roger Linn Design instead of from both companies as we had previously considered.
I’d personally love to tell everybody all the details of the product design, features and price as we did with our initial designs of the product, but there’s that pesky problem of keeping the information from our competitors. So we need to keep tight-lipped for now and regrettably can’t answer any questions. Thanks also to those who have kindly asked to place advance orders. However, we don’t feel it’s right to accept orders until we are able to release the price or more information about the product.

The Linndrum II was originally called the BoomChik and was first announced back in February of 2007.

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Eat a steamy fat cock Michael Bay

Posted on 10 July 2009 by D' MacKinnon

Transformers 2.
Don’t waste your time or money on it. Chock full of cliched mid-90’s Michael Bay cinematography, full of explosions, nausea inducing camera rotations, absurd camera angles and unnecessary explosions. No meaningful roles for the female characters at all unless you count strutting around with lips that looked like they were permanently dipped in olive oil. Characters that I couldn’t give two shits about whether they lived or died. Even more butchering of my childhood memories with their changes to Transformers backstory.

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Releases available on LaLa

Posted on 02 July 2009 by Kheperi Global Media

KGM now has some of it’s albums available on lala.

Divine Reich’s An American Tragedy and Royal Dead’s Enough Noise to Wake the Dead are both now on lala in additional to other online retail locations.

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