You need it, you want it but why?

Posted on September 13, 2009 by D' MacKinnon

Your “live” TV isn’t as live as they’d like you to believe. It’s pre-staged, scripted and packaged for easy consumption. Even reality TV isn’t real, it’s just another simulacrum. Clever editing and camera work turn the truth into a sanitized censored version of itself.
It disgusts me that people are so easily manipulated these days. Every moment delivered to you has a insidious monetary motivation behind it, every blip is revenue driven. Even today when nearly anyone can create something unique of their own they still subscribe to the drivel that’s force fed by the dinosaurs of the past.
Choice has been replaced by the illusion of choice. It appears that most do not know the difference. Those who do are possibly feeling too apathetic to care.
It’s not real punk rock if it’s brought to you by Capital One Bank.

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