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Can I sleep now?

Posted on November 16, 2009 by D' MacKinnon

No one ever told me this Thomas the train shit was so expensive.
Just blew a bunch of money at Toys R’ Us for holiday gifts. If people want to get Dres gifts for the holidays, get him some size 3T thick winter clothes. He has enough toys coming.
I saw a really loud-ass metal band in NYC last week. I think my eardrums are still recovering. Guitar player had 4 guitar cabs going in a venue about the size of the Lion’s Lair. Here’s their myspace for those who are interested. All instrumentals, just drums and guitar but they kicked serious ass at the show. One of their songs was 40 minutes long. Very rock. I’m digging on the song “Deep in the Caves” at the moment. They were the middle slot band. The headliner was a NY band that I didn’t like as much. Later in the week I had a $300+ steak dinner at Peter Luger’s in Brooklyn that was paid for by a client. It was my second time eating there, still the best steak I’ve ever had. Even though we had 6:30PM reservations we didn’t get our table until about 9PM. Of course, I see JJ Abrams walk in and schmoozed with the staff and get a table right away. Fucker. Flying back this time was not as painful because I avoided getting completely smashed the night before, unlike my trip out in September. I did find a cool new spot for some great Japanese bar food. It’s called Hagi and they are only open after 5PM and it’s in a little basement next to another Japanese restaurant. We had to wait about an hour to get in but we killed some time at a Irish pub down the street. Oh man, the food was great. Takoyaki, teriyaki squid, sweet fatty pork, fried chicken gizzard, wasabi flavored octopus…my friend and I had about 12 dishes between the two of us. In the next table over from us were a group of five Japanese girls with two gaijin boys doing sake shots all night for someone’s birthday. They were pretty entertaining by the end of the evening.
There are times when I miss New York. I miss my friends and the amazing things you can do there, I don’t miss living there everyday though and putting up with the bullshit.

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