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Studio photos

Posted on November 01, 2009 by D' MacKinnon

Finally got around to uploading some photos of the studio. Most of the summer was spent doing the construction. There are still some items left like sound treatment and equipment upgrades. For those in the know, the Mackie board does not touch the recording signal path, it’s strictly there for live and composition. Recording all goes through some nicer pre-amps.

Framing in the tracking room.
studio photo 1
Framing and electrical in the tracking room.
studio photo 2
Framing in the control room.
studio photo 3
Running the eight channel audio snake through wall. Mogami wiring of course.
studio photo 4
Framing and insulation up in the control room
studio photo 5
Insulation and lights installed in the tracking room. A layer between the studs and the concrete as well as in between the studs.
studio photo 6
Drywall progress in the tracking room.
studio photo 7
First layer of 5/8″ drywall up in the tracking room. After this another layer of 5/8 was added with Green Glue used between the sheets. You can also see the air ventilation return.
studio photo 8
A glance at the finished construction in the control room. I took this photo during the weeks we were battling with inspection approval.
studio photo 9
A view of the tracking room from the control room. No acoustic treatment installed yet.
studio photo 10
A view out from the tracking room. The door is a super-heavy firedoor.
studio photo 11
A glimpse of the lighting in the entryway.
studio photo 12
Finally, we get some equipment in here!
studio photo 13
Some of the guitars. That Gretsch is courtesy of Mr. Eddie Suicide.
studio photo 14
The current setup in the control room. Eventually I will be constructing a new recording console.
studio photo 15
Another glimpse of the mix position.
studio photo 16

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