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Lack of updates

Posted on 20 January 2010 by D' MacKinnon

I’m still here, I’ve just been Tweeting more than blogging lately. Schedules have been hectic. I just realized I posted studio photos everywhere but here. I should probably have posted them. Since I had it build we had a freeze over the winter that flooded it. Insurance is covering the damages but it has been out of commission since mid-December. The last of the repairs should finish up this Friday and I will hopefully be moving equipment out from storage and back in this weekend.
I’ve been contemplating redesigning this site and also moving the blog from Movable Type to WordPress. After building a couple of WordPress sites for people I’ve seen a lot of handy features that seem to be lacking in Movable Type. Perhaps I’ll move stuff over in the next month or so, depending on what kind of time I have.

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