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To twerk or not to twerk…

Posted on 26 August 2013 by D' MacKinnon

So this whole Miley Cyrus this…since everyone is talking about it. I watched the performance online today, I’m not that shocked by it. It’s no more shocking than the the the antics that Madonna did in the early 90’s and in some ways much less. People are gasping because it’s a complete 180 from her Disney persona that was cultivated for many years. As an entertainer and especially a former child-star it’s difficult to establish an evolved identity once you have moved on, the public wants to forever pigeon-hole you as what you once were. Don’t think for a second that this move wasn’t carefully planned by her. She got exactly what she wanted out of it: controversy, discussion and smashing her former persona into dust. Now did I think the performance itself was good? Not really, the choreography was atrocious, her voice was off and the songs themselves were unmemorable. Not to mention the whole sexy-rebel bit felt forced (because it was). However, there is this double-standard in entertainment where it’s expected and perfectly acceptable for men to shove their packages into people’s faces and gyrate. Once a woman crosses the line from sultry to uncomfortably in your face people are quick to label her a slut. It’s easier to be dismissive than to look at the message behind the performance. It’s not about being a slut, it’s about being empowered and her owning her sexuality. Bravo for her at least having the guts to take control and do this rather than playing it safe. Somebody needs to shake things up every few years.

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