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Farewell to David Bowie


Farewell to David Bowie

Posted on 11 January 2016 by D' MacKinnon


A long time ago I was in a band and we had this photo hanging in our practice space. Like innumerable other musicians, David Bowie had a huge influence on my life. My writing partner and I wanted to BE Bowie and Ronson. My father first introduced me to David Bowie when I was a youth. Of course we all heard his hits on the radio during the 80s but the first album I listened to start to finish by him was Diamond Dogs. It was probably the first concept album I had heard and it just so happened to be about one of my favorite books. To this day it’s still my favorite album by Bowie. It’s no coincidence that my favorite Iggy Pop and Lou Reed records were produced by David Bowie.

I always respected that he was never satisfied with repeating past successes. He refused to churn out the same album again and again, he was the constant chameleon but musically and visually. He wasn’t looking to follow his peers but to create something new that others would follow.

Mr. Bowie still had many more stories to share with us, I’m saddened that we’ll never get to hear them. The world was changed because of him and is less full of wonder with him gone. Thank you for the music, David.

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