D' MacKinnon is a multi-instrumentalist musician/producer who's work spans several genres of rock, pop, and electronic music.

D' began his life in music at the young age of 8, learning and performing classical music. His life was forever changed when at 14 his father bought him his first electric guitar. He then decided that his ultimate passion was to perform in a rock band.

After college, D' worked on assembling his own home studio so he could create his own music instead of just collaborating with other musicians in a band environment.

D' on writing music, "I think it's important that songs have a unified creative vision. Often times in a group production environment such as a band where everyone has equal input, the end result is cluttered and unfocused. I believe the songs where one artist writes all the music turn out better because instead of worrying about who receives what time in the spotlight, the artist can worry about what's best for the song."

Having worked on several bands since the late 1990's, D' is highly respected and sought for production and composition work by fellow artists in the electronic music scene.

After a brief stint of living and working in New York City he moved back to the Denver metro area in 2009.