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Net Neutrality

Posted on 23 October 2009 by D' MacKinnon

McCain just introduced a bill to the Senate to block Net Neutrality, conveniently named the ““Internet Freedom Act“. Apparently, an uncensored internet is a Marxist plot!

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Iran Post-election Rioting

Iran Post-election Rioting

Posted on 17 June 2009 by D' MacKinnon

new pictures and reports of multiple deaths in Tehran

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Inauguration Day

Posted on 20 January 2009 by D' MacKinnon

Today was amazing. I think most everyone I saw today in the City were in a good mood. We all stopped working around 11:30 to watch the inauguration in various conference rooms throughout the building. I noticed some people were toasting champagne in the cafeteria. I looked outside the window at noon and the streets of New York were completely empty in the middle of the day. Everyone was either inside watching tv somewhere or packed into Times Square like New Year’s Eve minus the booze.
I think today will be a day long remembered. I even feel a bit of pity for Bush. While I hate his policies I’m sure it must have been rough sitting through that speech which discussed the failure and partisan bickering that has dominated Washington. Change has already started…the change is within each of us. There’s a new feeling of hopefullness about the future even though things are bad at the present. I think this renewed feeling of optimizism will translate into more people working together to get things done instead of only worrying about themselves.

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A new day

Posted on 04 November 2008 by D' MacKinnon

History has been made.
So many thoughts and emotions right now…joy, awe, relief, excitement.
I can once again be optimistic about the future of my country and confident in where we are headed.

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Songwriter bill of rights

Posted on 29 April 2008 by D' MacKinnon

If you haven’t heard or signed it yet, ASCAP has put together a Bill of Rights for Songwriters and Composers. They are collecting signatures to present a petition to legislators in Washington. Please add yours if you believe songwriters should be compensated for their work and treated fairly.

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Get out there

Posted on 07 November 2006 by D' MacKinnon

Today is the day. If you haven’t yet, go vote!

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Tyranny and Oppression

Posted on 24 October 2006 by D' MacKinnon

Your government uses fear against you. Vote for change on November 7th.

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Latest on the Intelligent Design Debate

Posted on 09 November 2005 by D' MacKinnon

The fiercely split Kansas Board of Education voted 6 to 4 on Tuesday to adopt new science standards that are the most far-reaching in the nation in challenging Darwin’s theory of evolution in the classroom.
Among the most controversial changes was a redefinition of science itself, so that it would not be explicitly limited to natural explanations.

From the article:

“This is a sad day, not just for Kansas kids, but for Kansas,” Janet Waugh of Kansas City, Kan., one of four dissenting board members, said before the vote. “We’re becoming a laughingstock not only of the nation but of the world.”

In the standing-room-only crowd in the small board room for Tuesday’s session were two dozen high school students fulfilling an assignment for government class by attending the public meeting. They shook their heads at the decision

“We’re glad we’re seniors,” said Hannah Teeter, 17, from Shawnee Mission West, a high school in Overland Park, a suburb of Kansas City. “I feel badfor all the kids that are younger than us that they have to be taught things that aren’t science in science class.”

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White House serves The Onion

Posted on 25 October 2005 by D' MacKinnon

The White House doesn’t seem to be busy enough, they found time to stop the satirical newspaper The Onion from using the presidential seal.
NY Times article.

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Posted on 04 October 2005 by D' MacKinnon

I realize my blog has been a bit political lately, mostly because of Hurricane Katrina.
I’m going to try and return the focus to mainly music production.
Keyword being try.

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