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Embrace the Stillness

Posted on 11 September 2010 by D' MacKinnon

As I live my life there are many times when I don’t see my true self. We’ve all done it, by focusing too intensely on this project at work or what’s going on in our lives we lose focus. The drive towards what we think we should be, the fictionalized ideal we blind ourselves to true happiness. When we fail to meet the unrealistic idea of what we should be there’s either the path of readjusting this image to be more aligned with reality or the path of self-loathing and destruction. I feel like I’ve walked the path of passive suicide long enough. One can choose to either let themselves spiral deeper down the destructive path, slowly dying until there is nothing left or to stop the cycle and embrace the stillness of the moment. When you take the time to silence the mind you can allow what you have been seeking to find you. People think they know what will make them happy. Maybe they think it’s a big house, or a job or fame. Once one attains this there is often still emptiness, a hunger that can’t be filled. This hunger eventually leads to misery as one discovers that the possessions don’t bring fulfillment. The logical self that I am has never allowed me to believe in anything non-quantifiable such as a higher being influencing our destiny. Not to say that this doesn’t exist but it is a path that I can’t truly follow. Thus for a time I followed the path of nihilism. The lack of belief isn’t true emptiness but more of a replacement of self and ego above all else. Ultimately, I have found that this lead to misery as can never attain the ideal image of self. By following the path of selfishness we attempt to find fulfillment by becoming attached to more and more “stuff”. We view the world through a skewed perception of what is real. We try to hold on tighter to things but this is actually counter-productive. I’ve spent the past eight months deconstructing myself, finding out who I’ve been and why I’ve been this person. Western psychotherapy has been helpful in this regard, in helping me identify what makes my personality tick. It has also opened my eyes as to why other people behave the way they do. This has been helpful in preventing myself from falling into the everyday traps that people put out there in conversation. I can see behaviors in others and realize their motivations and keep myself from feeling trapped or feeding their compulsions. However, just outlining the problems in myself hasn’t helped with coming to overcoming them. I’ve stepped out of some patterns but addressing the deeper flaws in the subconscious has eluded me. It wasn’t until I stopped the world around me and took time to embrace the stillness that answers came to me. Instead of grasping for them I had to let go to see what I have been looking for. I know this seems vague but it is difficult to put into words. Instead of seeking and waiting for answers I had to become an empty cup. By embracing the stillness I was able to see the inner self. The subtle truths of the world revealed themselves.

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You need it, you want it but why?

Posted on 13 September 2009 by D' MacKinnon

Your “live” TV isn’t as live as they’d like you to believe. It’s pre-staged, scripted and packaged for easy consumption. Even reality TV isn’t real, it’s just another simulacrum. Clever editing and camera work turn the truth into a sanitized censored version of itself.
It disgusts me that people are so easily manipulated these days. Every moment delivered to you has a insidious monetary motivation behind it, every blip is revenue driven. Even today when nearly anyone can create something unique of their own they still subscribe to the drivel that’s force fed by the dinosaurs of the past.
Choice has been replaced by the illusion of choice. It appears that most do not know the difference. Those who do are possibly feeling too apathetic to care.
It’s not real punk rock if it’s brought to you by Capital One Bank.

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Selling Out?

Posted on 16 March 2009 by D' MacKinnon

Is selling out even a relevant term nowadays?
Iggy Pop is selling insurance and Johnny Rotten is selling butter.

I’m not really one to judge how someone makes a living. There are those out there that believe art and music are sacred and never should mix with business interests. Unfortunately, music and business have always been intertwined and always shall be. So why do we hold musicians up to this standard still? Do today’s youth even really understand what selling out is or is it really just an antiquated term from an age that has passed? If everyone is doing it, what’s the fuss? I think if the artist is okay with appearing in a commercial then we should be okay with it too. Hopefully they know when and where it’s gone overboard.

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Revolution or Terrorism

Posted on 03 December 2008 by D' MacKinnon

In this age of the “War on Terror” we must not confuse revolution with terrorism. Who decides which person iis a freedom fighter and which is a terrorist? Terrorism is a method, a tactic. Surely the British Empire saw the revolutionaries of the USA as unlawful, treasonous terrorists. We as a society must be careful not to lump all of struggles for independence, revolutions and extremists into the generalized bucket of Terrorism. There is no black and white, no truly good or evil. What’s the better cause to fight for? The preservation of economic wealth or the protection of one’s family and civil liberties against the injustice of a totalitarian regime?
I’m in no shape or form advocating support for a particular cause, nation or movement with this post. I’m merely suggesting we should examine the details of a struggle before making blanket generalizations.

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Posted on 22 October 2008 by D' MacKinnon

Kill your idols. In the end they’ll only disappoint you anyway.
Stop watching TV.
Get up and do something. Create. Fall in love. Live on jelly beans and wine for a week. Connect with someone on a meaningful level for once in your life.
The point? There isn’t one.

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Thoughts on being a rebel

Posted on 03 April 2007 by D' MacKinnon

I’m short on time today so I’ll leave you with words from another that resonate with me.
The rebel can never find peace. He knows what is good and, despite himself, does evil. The value which supports him is never given to him once and for all – he must fight to uphold it, unceasingly. – Albert Camus

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Anarchy: Idyllic Yet Unrealistic

Posted on 30 November 2006 by D' MacKinnon

Anarchy, a society where there are no rulers. Order is maintained by agreements between tribes and men but no government rules. A lot of people mistake chaos for anarchy but they are separate ideas. Chaos is disorder, anarchy is order by self-regulation. Anarchy as a political system means no wars, no oppression, no classism. Without a rulers and capitalism, man cannot pay man to do his killing for him.
While the dream of anarchy as a political system seems peachy, we’ll never see it happen. The problem with anarchy and other political structures such as socialism is that humans are inherently weak creatures. They need people to tell them what to do, they need rulers. If we were to overthrow our current government today and replace it with an anarchistic system we’d eventually evolve back into an organized government. It may take one hundred years, it make take ten but it will happen. People don’t want to deal with the pressure of not having that security blanket. They want someone to play that paternal figure, corrupt or not. Human beings for the most part are unintelligent and without original thought. Do you think the average person knows how to hunt for their own food, how to make their own clothes? The circle of capitalism and government rule will always come back into existence because the general public is too apathetic.
Anarchy is a beautiful dream but wholly unrealistic. Do I suggest giving up and accepting the ruling class? No! Revolution, even on a small scale is still a worthwhile pursuit. Think for yourself, be yourself, educate yourself. The chains of ignorance are the true bonds of slavery, intellect will set you free.

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Latest on the Intelligent Design Debate

Posted on 09 November 2005 by D' MacKinnon

The fiercely split Kansas Board of Education voted 6 to 4 on Tuesday to adopt new science standards that are the most far-reaching in the nation in challenging Darwin’s theory of evolution in the classroom.
Among the most controversial changes was a redefinition of science itself, so that it would not be explicitly limited to natural explanations.

From the article:

“This is a sad day, not just for Kansas kids, but for Kansas,” Janet Waugh of Kansas City, Kan., one of four dissenting board members, said before the vote. “We’re becoming a laughingstock not only of the nation but of the world.”

In the standing-room-only crowd in the small board room for Tuesday’s session were two dozen high school students fulfilling an assignment for government class by attending the public meeting. They shook their heads at the decision

“We’re glad we’re seniors,” said Hannah Teeter, 17, from Shawnee Mission West, a high school in Overland Park, a suburb of Kansas City. “I feel badfor all the kids that are younger than us that they have to be taught things that aren’t science in science class.”

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Science and Religion

Posted on 07 November 2005 by D' MacKinnon

The Fundamentalist Christians in this country don’t realize that science and religion do not have to oppose each other. It’s my belief that science explains how we came to be and religion covers the questions of “why” we are here. They need to stop reading so literally into the text. The Vatican believes that the theory of evolution is perfectly compatible with the story of Genesis so why can’t the Fundamentalists running the Kansas dept. of education accept this? They’d rather keep their heads in the sand and let their students graduate without good background in modern science. I believe that the arguments for Intelligent Design actually do more harm to the future of Christianity than it does good.
Another thing I find amusing, evangelicals are willing to believe Jesus performed miracles, which sounds a lot like magic, while they keep their kids from reading Harry Potter because they believe magic is “Satanic”.

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The dead girl fetish

Posted on 06 October 2005 by D' MacKinnon

Ana Voog discusses in her journal the rise of death fetishism in fashion magazines and art. More specifically, imagery of deceased females used in advertising.

Now images of dead girls are being used to sell the latest must-have handbags, makeup, and shoes.

Does the appeal of this imagery stem from some society embedded subconcious need that women feel they must be victimized in order to be desirable? That the inanimate girl is unthreatening therefore more attractive?

From her entry:

women have been so subjected to violence both real and propaganda, we have been objectified to the point of unreality or hyperreality.
that we just don’t really exist anymore.
we have been killed by the media (and in real life…but both are real..who can really tell anymore?) so much now that we are now dying by the media, as well.
we, as symbols, as symbollically dying…and still selling products while doing it!

Ana’s journal entry.

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