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Weekend of Aug 4th

Posted on 05 August 2006 by D' MacKinnon

Spent last night in the studio with a certain young lad. We recorded some vocal overdubs that turned out rather nicely, especially after a little bit of studio experimentation. Two tracks completely recorded and mixed, hopefully next Friday will yield a third.
On Thursday I had Mad Wax over and we finished a track that we had started in our previous session. Next week we’ll clean up the mix a bit and start a new track. Pretty hopping club tunes.
I think the cable jack on one of my guitars needs to be fixed, the connection kept shorting out last night. I opened it up today and tightened some things, hopefully that fixes it because I’d rather not have to replace the jack on this one already.
After our little session I went out for a few drinks, dropped by ol’ Netherworld to say hi to everyone. Despite a slight hangover today from the well rums I was able to record some piano for a trip-hop style tune I’ve been working on. The piano sound itself turned out a bit dark, probably because the strings and hammers on it are old so I threw a little EQ on the track to brighten it up. I had picked up this piano originally from the CU music conservatory, it dates back to the 1920’s I believe. It’s got a sticky key here and there and should probably be tuned again but it’s nice havinig a real piano around. I really can’t stand the sound of fake piano modules in recordings.

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1:05 AM

Posted on 11 March 2005 by D' MacKinnon

Just got home.
Went out to Netherworld and met up with Eddie and his newly found bass player. I’m going to be producing and programming drums for his new rockabilly/punk/industrialish band. For those of you not from Denver, Eddie Suicide was previously a bass player in the short-lived Divine Reich and roadie/guitar tech for me in Deviant. I slated them some studio time next Saturday, should be interesting as it’s definately a new genre for me to work in. I’ve never recording a stand-up bass before so we’ll see how that works out.
Next, Jolene and I went to Wave. Music was good, Cari and Suzanne looked fucking amazing tonight, I wish I had brought my camera. Kristian was supposed to meet up with me but the bastard still hadn’t shown up by midnight so I grew impatient and left.

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