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Studio update

Posted on 31 August 2009 by D' MacKinnon

On the recommendation of a co-work J. and I watched a Bosnian movie called Fuse on Thursday. I thought it was very well done especially if you are familiar with the conflict over there. J. thought it was a little slow.
Went out to Vinyl on Saturday with my buddy Wax to check out DJ Sneak from Chicago. It was fun to get out and do something different than the norm.
Laid down some tracks for an upcoming Royal Dead recording last night. May possibly be one of the last sessions in my temporary area before moving into the new studio. Our final building inspection should happen on Thursday and I’ll spend all Friday hauling equipment into the new space and hooking things up. The construction and planning has been going on for so long now, since the end of April…I’m stoked that I will finally be able to move in.

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Posted on 04 October 2004 by D' MacKinnon

We had a mix of our song, “Hardkore” debut at the Church last night. The crowd on the dancefloor seemed pretty responsive.
We’ll be playing our first live show this month, I’ll post details soon enough (we have the possiblity of two shows in the same week so I’m not sure which one will be “first” yet).

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