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And we’re off

Posted on 18 July 2007 by D' MacKinnon

The past year’s worth of music writing goes off to the pressing plant tomorrow.
Divine Reich’s An American Tragedy.
This album features….
13 songs.
40+ different guitar tones.
99.999999999999% analog synths.
1 Linn LM-1 on 3 tracks.
ZERO vocal pitch correction.
Recorded entirely in my home studio.
One song that is a reinterpretation of a song I originally recorded with the first band Kristian and I were in together. It’s very different from the original.
Lyrical content that’s incendiary, meaningful, relatable. Some of it will piss people off.
Lots of experimentation in performance and recording techniques.
One instrument that’s older than anyone in the band.
One song that contains guest contributions by Chris Randall (Sister Machine Gun/Micronaut) and Eddie Suicide (Royal Dead).
The last song recorded was done in an unsual way to increase the isolation implied by the lyrics (You’ll have to ask [K] about it).
All music written by me.
Did I mention this album is guitar heavy? And very glitchy.
One thing we’ve been told from people who’ve heard it is “It’s not easy classified in a genre, there’s nothing out there right now like it”. This is definitely a ROCK album with influences from anything from glitch, sunset strip rock, 1980’s Prince, drum n bass, electroclash to 1970’s David Bowie.
I’m excited and a bit nervous. It’s been awhile since music of my own has been released to the public…let’s review some history.
2003 Deviant’s debut release Absenta, some compilation CD appearances
2004 One promotional release by Deviant and some remix work. Had some music appear in film and tv. Deviant broken up, Divine Reich forms in it’s first incarnation and garners attention from labels. Breaks up. I spend a lot of time drinking and hating music.
2005 – 2006 Deviant reforms, spent a year writing and recording a Deviant album that got scrapped. One Deviant track surfaced to appear on compilation stuff. Worked on Royal Dead’s 1st EP. Band that I worked on since 2002 broke up.
2006 – 2007 Divine Reich reformed. Producing Royal Dead’s full length album and writing/producing Divine Reich’s full length. Formed a record label with my wife/manager/partner Jolene.
I’m sure a lot of people will love it. I’m sure some people will hate it. I’m sure I’ll get some hate mail. But art isn’t safe, art is dangerous.
It’s been a long road but this album is truely an effort that I’m proud to have worked on.

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She Got You Tied With A Golden Rope

Posted on 12 October 2006 by D' MacKinnon

I’ve been rather quiet about what I’ve been working on musically lately. It’s not that I haven’t been busy, it’s that I’ve been too busy trying to do a lot of things and it’s been exhausting me to the point where I don’t really feel much like posting about it.
Things on the record label front have been busy; we’re working on preparations for our first round of real releases and also listening to material by artists we might sign after the first round. We have some events planned that I can’t talk about just yet.
As far as my own music, just tonight I worked on some drum tracks for a new song. I’ve been liking my Fuzz pedal lately and I incorporated it for what will be the chorus for this song which [K] refers to as Provocateur I’m trying not to talk about the tracks on this project too much as I want this to be a surprise when it comes out. While my style is in there, the material is a 180 from work I did with Deviant. You’ll hear what I’m talking about when the first single drops.
There are some other big changes coming up with the label within the next six months (not involving signings or releases). You’ll hear more as the time approaches.

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Radio appearance

Posted on 30 August 2006 by Kheperi Global Media

D’ will be on KVCU’s Remission show on Friday, September 1st, 2006. Read more about it.

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2006 Westword Music Showcase

Posted on 11 May 2006 by Kheperi Global Media

D’s band Deviant has been nominated to play at the 2006 Westword Music Showcase!

For those of you not familiar with the Westword, it’s THE source for music, arts, and film reviews and shows in Colorado so this is a big event.

Please take some time to vote here:

http://www.westword.com/music06/ for Deviant under the “Gothic/Industrial” category. You can also vote via paper ballots by picking up a copy of the Westword.

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This week

Posted on 08 May 2006 by D' MacKinnon

This week is going to be very busy for me. Working my ass off to finish some projects before I leave for Utah. Gotta take my dog to my dad’s house to dogsit. Two practices this week, picking up the van, meeting with people all day wednesday.
Why can’t I just clone myself like that Michael Keaton movie?
Getting a little nervous about this weekend, we’re playing for a bunch of record labels. Some small and some big.
For those of you in Utah we’ll be playing at Ciseros in Park City on Saturday May 13th at 6:40 PM. It will be a short set (about 10 minutes) but if you decide to come there will be a lot of bands playing (as well as the chance to have a beer with me). Contact me if you are interested in a ticket, we’ll be in Park City on Friday so you can get one from us then or before the show sometime on Saturday.

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Posted on 19 April 2006 by Kheperi Global Media

D’ will be performing with Deviant at record label showcase on May 13th in Salt Lake City.

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The Process pt. 1

Posted on 26 January 2006 by D' MacKinnon

Hey everyone,
As work on the new Deviant album has been progressing, I started keeping a journal as a record of the whole creative process. I’ve decided to share these entries with you and I have backposted the last four entries from my journal onto this blog and will continue to post new ones as they come.
I hope you enjoy this little insight into “the process”.
12 . 27 . 05
Came up with some background drones for the beginning of the “intro” song. The song has been in my head since about July but I’ve been slowly piecing it together for the past few months. The main idea for the song has been controlled chaos. A slow building that evolves into explosiveness.
12 . 29 . 05
After practice, London, Jolene and I enjoyed a night of absinthe. The creativity was abundant and we laid down some scratch vocal ideas for the song currentlly known as “What Keeps Me Here” and lyrics by London flowed on the spot. Now I just need to finish the second half of the music for the song.
01 . 16 . 06
Feeling stuck. I know need to take it but I just can’t finish it.
P.S. Dublin is being extremely cute.
01 . 24 . 06
Laid down some more guitar tracks for a song I started on January 18th. With any luck this one will be completed by this weekend’s rehearsal. Now I just need to tidy up those pesky drum tracks.

More to come soon.

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New interview

Posted on 27 October 2005 by Kheperi Global Media

The next issue of Denver’s Buzz Magazine features an interview with D’ discussing the past and future of Deviant, the process behind recording the new album, and more.

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Benefit Shows

Posted on 19 August 2005 by Kheperi Global Media

D’ will be peforming two benefit shows with Deviant in the upcoming weeks.

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It’s coming

Posted on 15 August 2005 by D' MacKinnon

We had a long practice yesterday, worked on reviving some old songs we haven’t played in forever and added some new songs as well.
There are two shows coming up in the immediate future that we’ll be announcing soon. Both will be benefits for worthy causes.

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