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Quick D.R. update

Posted on 01 March 2007 by D' MacKinnon

Hey guys, just a check update. Divine Reich had a photo shoot last week, some of the shots will be used in the upcoming album art and some will be promotional shots. The wonderful Jolene did my hair and makeup. This weekend [K] and I are getting the silkscreening done on our t-shirts. There are several designs and shirt colors. These will be limited edition merchandise so once they are gone they are gone for good. More details on when you can purchase said merchandise to come soon.
I finished writing the music for what will probably be the last two songs required for this album. There’s the possibility that we’ll write maybe one more original but it hasn’t been decided yet. The next song I’ll probably work on will be a cover for the b-side of our first single. Hopefully some of you get a kick out of the song we chose (and no it’s not Lionel Ritchie’s Hello).
That’s all for now.

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Fire and Brimstone


Fire and Brimstone

Posted on 08 March 2006 by D' MacKinnon

Monday night Jolene and I were watching the local news and saw that the ghetto hotel I did a photoshoot at in 2004 caught on fire.

Honestly I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner. An interesting thing I remember about that shoot, I think the hotel clerk on duty thought we were doing some naughty stuff up there because we were renting by the hour and hauling a bunch of equipment up there.

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All the pretty pictures

Posted on 28 January 2006 by D' MacKinnon

I’m seriously thinking about getting back into photography, at least intermittantly. I don’t really have much time to dedicate to it but I might get some new equipment so when I have ideas I can execute them without having to borrow. I was heavily into photography about 10 years ago but I gave my old film SLR to my brother and haven’t really been able to do much since. Most likely the work I’m going to do will just be another outlet for self-expression, I don’t plan on doing model work unless it fits into the theme I’m working on or relates to artwork for a music project.

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