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What gives

Posted on 10 February 2006 by D' MacKinnon

I wonder if anyone else has had as hard of a time as I getting Tascam’s customer support to e-mail them back.
I’ve been patient but it has been over a week already. No response of any kind, not even a “hey, we know you wrote us and we’ll get back to you” message.

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studio upgrades

Posted on 02 February 2006 by D' MacKinnon

A new digital mixing console will be added to my recording studio shortly but it’s going to eat up all the desk space that I have now. Where am I to put my beverages and notepads? I’ve also had a problem lately with my mic pre-amp rack units being too far away from my desk so if I need to adjust compressor or gain levels when tracking I have to kneel by my mic-pre which is away from my desk while trying to keep an eye on the incoming levels on my screen. So because of all of these reasons I’ve decided to build myself some new studio furniture. I don’t have any building plans to use for reference, i’m just sketching it out on paper and then doing it. I cut my carpentry teeth on making my own isolation booth in 2004 but this desk is going to be slightly more complicated. I plan on putting in an angeled rack mount enclosure into the desktop itself. If the rack rails are even off by a little, the equipment won’t sit properly in it so this is going to require precise cutting and measurment.
I begin construction this weekend.
On a sadder note, I heard on NPR today that planning experts in New Orleans estimate that the city will probably only be 1/3rd it’s original size when rebuilt.

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